Arirang Taekwondo is part of the MANNAM Volunteer Association in Seoul, Korea. We teach original Taekwondo to foreigners as a means of cultural exchange and to encourage a spirit of unity among humanity. We hope that you make unforgettable memories in Korea with Mannam Arirang Taekwondo. Join us today!

Summer Practice

It has been very hot here in Seoul, but the heat won’t stop Mannam Taekwondo! We’ve been practicing every week and have even graded. We have our very first red belts in the club. Within the next few months, our first club members will head to Kukiwon, the Taekwondo World Headquarters to grade for their black belts. Everyone is working really hard and the hard work is paying off! Join us this weekend to experience Taekwondo!

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June Grading

Congratulations to everyone who graded this past weekend! Everyone did their best. Way to go Mannam Taekwondo! Join us this weekend to learn some new skills and perfect older ones. 




We were invited to come and show our club off at the orientation of GEPIK teachers.  We had a great group of people that signed up to see what our club is all about and Master Lin put them through their paces:)  They worked hard going through some drills showing off stances and front kicks plus some good stretches.  Thanks to everyone who came out to try this great sport and we hope that we’ve inspired you to come and check us out and learn more about taekwondo.

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Sunday June 24, 2012

Today we received our new dri-fit t-shirts to combat the Seoul summer temperatures.  A huge thanks to Miranda for designing, organizing, ordering and delivering the shirts, they look and feel amazing.  Next Sunday will be level up testing so make sure you practice hard this week:) If you want or need a reminder of a poomsae or what you need to know for your level test check out the DOCS page at the top of this blog for the pages you need.  I took a ton of pictures and video on Sunday, check them out:)

Today we had our level up test day.  Congrats to everyone who participated, including the people who came for the first time and got to see what test day is like.  I think we’ll find out next weekend whether we get new belts:)

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Congratulations to the Mannam Taekwondo team for their amazing Taekwondo Demo performance at the Mannam Ultimate Challenge day! The audience loved the performance and could tell that everyone had put a lot of hard work and dedication into it. Way to go!

Please remember:

  • Today (Sunday, May 20th) we will still have practice 4pm Cheonho Stn, exit 3. We will be meeting at the dojang at 3:45pm to walk to the dojang together. If you didn’t pay your monthly fee last week, please come prepared to pay it this week.  Weekly practices are now back to our normal Saturday and Sunday schedule.
  • Do you love the Mannam Dobok (uniform)?  If you are interested in purchasing a Mannam Dobok, please speak to Master Victor.
  • Mannam TKD t-shirts and hoodies will be ordered this week! Please contact Miranda (via our Facebook page) to order our team clothing. (Color dark grey, 19,000 KRW – Hoodie, 9,000 – T-shirt, sizes S, M, L, XL). Our team clothing will have the Mannam TKD logo on the back.

This weekend saw several new faces come out and try taekwondo on both Saturday and Sunday.  It’s great to see that our goal of introducing this great sport to as many people as we can is working 🙂  We spent time working on basic movements which is always good for those just joining but also for those that have been coming for awhile.  We’ve put together a video of some of the members practicing on Saturday with the kicking pads.  Have a great week and we’ll see everyone out on Saturday May 19, 2012 for the Mannam Ultimate Challenge!

Click here for some great kicking practice!

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